Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Picnic Time! Serving Deli Trays!

Marny pleased with a new pillow for my home! It all started with an email from a customer. She had already completed two projects out of Picnic, but had questions about her exploration of the Deli Tray block. 

I had trouble visualizing the answer to her question. I am happy to report it turned out to just be a simple cutting issue. In order to arrive at the answer I ended up making a pillow. 

This block is FAST! It looks far more complicated than it is. The illustrated techniques in Picnic for cutting and piecing make it a breeze. I think choosing three purples/violets from my stash to get the transparency took longer than the cutting and sewing did.
Testing the transparency with darks to the outside.
This time the lights are to the outside and the dark is in the center. 
The medium remains the intersection.
Individual pieces ready to be sewn.
Pieces sewn together, each column is about 17" long.
Columns shifted for joining together.
Matching up those dog ears!!
The columns are sewn together. They are designed to be trimmed to size later.
Using a ruler to check how and where to trim to 15 1/2".
Here I am trimming the block 3/4" off the top point. I repeated for the bottom point.
Keep the side edge of the block square with markings on the ruler.
Trimmed to 15 1/2". Ready for the additional background to be added.
Just a little flat piping added for color, 
a bit of rounding at the corner, and the pillow is complete.
Till Tuesday...


  1. Such a cute pillow! Every time I see the transparency thing I want to try it. And I love your background fabric - can you tell me the name and who makes it?

    1. Hi Sharon. Thank you. The background is a Dear Stella fabric.
      Patt# Stella-171 It doesn't have any more information on the selvage.

  2. This is a wonderful pattern! Just a lovely pillow!!!


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