Tuesday, November 8, 2016

AQS Show in DesMoines 2016

jill here...  The DesMoines AQS show in October delivered some wonderful quilts to view.  Unfortunately, my camera battery ran out before I documented all the quilters.  Here are just a few of the more modern quilts.

The map view is alway intriguing.

The background is small log cabin blocks that
are stitched centrally to create the visually
interesting negative space.

The various sizes of blocks and differences in saturation make this quilt very interesting.

Beautiful line quilting.

Partners in quilting have created a stunning "Ad Libbing".
Linda Hungerford (Flourishing Palms)  and Lora Douglas.

Stunning use of color and movement.

From the Lion King Challenge...

Unique valued pieces to create the image.

Voluta #3: Release,  quilted by Sandra Palmer Ciolino.

Close up view of the abstract quilting.

Salsa blocks from Quilts du Jour, pieced  by Lisa Zbylicki
(from the DesMoines Quilt Guild.) What a pleasant surprise!

'till next Tuesday...

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  1. Thanks for the mini-quilt show, and for sharing the "Ad Libbing" quilt made by Lora and me. Funny, but it took third place at the AQS show in Daytona Beach. Must have been lots more competition in Des Moines. I sure like several of those modern quilts. I appreciate you sharing this.


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