Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sample Remix and Final Pattern Winner!

Congratulations Char!  Thanks for commenting.  You are our winner.  We will email you with information.

If we are going to take this dog and pony show on the road we've discovered we need more samples.  We've been busy sewing again.

Here is another interpretation of Modern Pickle Relish.

Jill offers this advice.  When you find a great background fabric, buy at least three yards.  It will be perfect sometime.  Here it was perfect for a baby quilt with 5 primary fabrics.
This cute little stack of fat quarters, Habitat from Benartex, mixed with a warm Dimples from Andover, will be a throw size Leftovers soon.  Jill is keeping very busy.
This happy stack represents trimmings from a quilt project heading to Houston (we hope) with Cherrywood Fabrics.  More on that later.

Next week will be a cross training exercise--quilting and interior design combined.  Design lessons for quilting vignettes will be presented.

See you Tuesday,  leave a comment about a quilt display challenge you have encountered.

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  1. Fortunately (or maybe I should say 'chickened out') anytime there has been organising or setting up for a quilt show I've been working, so I've avoided any / all quilt display challenges. But I can imagine that there are many many challenges - colour clashes, maximising display space and minimising gaps, allowing space for proper viewing, browsing etc - I'm sure its a real nightmare in reality


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