Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kitsch and Whimsey

Jill......The scent of baked apples and cinnamon inspires me; my autumn nesting instincts click on as we move from the outside in.  I decorate seasonally, aiming for simple and sophisticated.  So along with changing area rugs, pillows and some art, there is a very large space in my open kitchen, above the cabinets, that sets the tone.  Spring sometimes melts into summer and I'm satisfied to let the space remain the same ( those gardening activites taking priority).  Last week I said "see ya later" to the spring quilt. I've published this one before.  It's one of my favorites for its simplicity.

When we moved here, we added lighting and painted the wall above the cabinets purple.  Mind you, its a very toned purple which has allowed me to continue loving it.  And although most of my paint colors are neutral, purple and green take precedence.  In October, ORANGE gets added in.  This quilt is nearly as old as the wall paint, made from a fun border print incorporating those colors.  Flying geese set the autumn scene.

As a beginning quilter, I didn't have the fabric stash I have now. A friend shared some of her greens with this dog printed in a patch. It's a memory of my dog Kara and the friend who so lovingly gave me the fabric!

On a trip, I discovered the witch.  She was just too perfect to pass up and actually large enough to make the statement:  kitsch and whimsey here we come.  Halloween is the perfect time to have some fun.

For a limited appearance!

Vignette to right side of  The Witch the left

Dried stalks and grass were added for height. The entire space is too large for just one vignette so there are three areas, each a little story. One area relates to the other but the witch takes front and center.  I have to have restraint with all those pumpkins remembering that "less is more"!   It makes me happy and puts me in the mood...
Here in Ames it is time to grab your sweaters and hold onto your hats.....see you Tuesday.


  1. what a fun place to make those vignettes! Great job..

  2. So pretty. Can you come decorate my house. I have two kids and two cats to decorate around. Makes having nice things hard to have around.


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