Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The "A" Word and the Modern Quilt

We have thought ourselves too modern to use applique in the past.  But again we stand corrected.  It's that never say never situation again.  Mary Beth you were right.  Sometimes applique is the best solution to a design dilemma and can be relatively fast.  Mind you, we are talking machine applique.

We have found a couple of products that make the process painless.
The first is a very lightweight and pliable fusible web called Soft Fuse from Shades Textiles.
Fuse the glue side to the wrong side of the fabric you are going to use as the applique.  
Then cut out your shape.  Remove the paper.  Then fuse to your project.  Here we show two layers of applique.
You need to place a tear away stabilizer behind your project before satin stitching to keep it flat.  We used Easy Stitch.

An open toe foot is useful as well.

Decide thread colors and order of satin stitching.  You do not want to stitch an edge twice.  Follow your machine manual for satin stitching.  Do a test piece with the a fused fabric and stabilizer.

Here we go with navy thread, followed by raspberry thread.  Our bobbin was just a neutral color.  The process is fun.

Then you tear away the stabilizer.

This background is cut 12 1/2 ".  Add a back and you have a quick and contemporary pillow.  Just stuff with a pillow form and you are done.

Modern Quilt Relish had an exciting week.  We posted the Modern Pickle Relish quilts on the Fresh Modern Quilt flickr group pool site.  We received a lot of positive feedback, new followers and some pattern orders.  We will be posting more photos.  

Next week we will show the super simple envelope back to use on your pillows.
See you Tuesday.


  1. Hi Ladies - it's amazing when you have your preconceived ideas shot to pieces isn't it - like you there have been times when I've muttered to myself that I'd never do, and that I preferred, but I've often end up eating my own words - I do fusible applique, even glue applique, I'm considering a whole cloth, and embracing FMQ on a domestic machine - it's amazing when a new door opens.
    PS: thank you so very very much for the package which arrived, the contents where another BIG suprise, you are both very generous and talented, thank you - keep up the great work

  2. You are very welcome, Ethne. Glad your package arrived! We enjoy your frequent comments. They mean a lot to us and we wanted to thank you.


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