Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Modern Quilt Stories Around a Modern Culinary Experience

Bridging from traditional to modern.......

Marny here....I will start with the story of a modern quilt.
Certainly an attentive audience here!

One year ago, during a visit to my son and daughter-in-law's home for Thanksgiving, we made a trip to purl soho.  I'd made the announcement that I was done making quilts from fabrics I didn't like or patterns without a modern aesthetic.  My sewing time and energy were limited so I wanted to only make quilts of interest to me.  I was excited to come up with a pattern for a modern couple!

12 Fat Quarters were carefully chosen for this event.  I'd assumed they would go for some modern quilt fabric designer's collection or bits and pieces of cool imported fabrics.  Surprise.  They chose Civil War reproduction fabrics and one little green solid.  I threw in some very toned Lecien dots for variety.

Their choices were certainly unexpected.  The design challenge gauntlet was thrown in my direction.  Was I up for it?  Months later, after considering a variety of directions, plaid spoke to me.  The right background finally showed up in Robert Kaufman's Quilter's Linen in the color taupe.  Their fat quarter choices would prompt the design of our pattern Leftovers.

The quilt arrived at their home three days before Thanksgiving--in time for me to see it in place during this year's visit.
And thankfully it was well received by the important occupants.
Full size photos of Leftovers in Queen, Throw and Crib can be found here.  The pattern can be ordered in the left side bar of this blog. :-)

Now for the modern culinary experience.
My son's passion for cooking and the resulting dishes he produces put mine to shame. 

The dark meat had been braised, the breast brined, the potatoes infused with truffle oil, the stuffing from wheat and white baguettes, and the corn casserole followed a friend's recipe found here(It is the recipe pictured and shown further down the page. The Tamworth Supper Club is a joint venture my son has with Derek.)
The turkey was carved,

the photos were taken,
and the feast of thanks began.  It ended with an incredible three layer chocolate and cherry trifle. 

So the moral of the quilt story and the culinary experience is that from traditional ingredients a fresh modern quilt and a delicious modern meal can be created and enjoyed!

Hope you all had safe travels and grateful hearts throughout the holiday.

Till Tuesday.

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