Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flipside Scrapside

Modern Quilt Relish debuted at it's first guild meeting last night.  We were so pleased to be invited to speak at Fabricators' Quilt Guild in Gilbert, Iowa.  We shared the story of our young company and did a trunk show of all our quilts and patterns.  We enjoyed the whole evening.  Thanks for having us!

On to the flipside....

You make a quilt top and often you have leftover fabric, blocks, scraps, yardage...what have you.  The back of your quilt allows for a spontaneous and maybe frugal design option.  Go for it.  Here are some of ours.
In and Out, pattern by Amy Walsh of Blue Underground Studios
Flipside, design opportunity to experiment with color blocking and little windows.

Fun to use scraps in a free yet structured way.

Reverse of our published pattern, Brioche & Baguette.  One length of fabric combined with remaining blocks and leftover fat quarters makes a improvised and wacky back.

Vanity Square by Lorraine Torrence

This back is one length of fabric split combined with leftover blocks.  It makes a graphic statement.

We have also frequently used flannels and minkie on backs to make soft and cuddly quilts.   Thermore works well as a lightweight filling in this sandwich.  See it is all about food.  Fillings, sandwiches  and comfort.

So check out the flipside, 'cuz you know somebody will.

Send in photos you might have of the backs of your quilts.  If you can't use flickr you can email them to and we can post them for you.  Give it a try.  We'd love to see them.

See you next Tuesday.


  1. So sorry I missed you guys last night. Sounds like it was lots of fun.


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