Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Andover's "Primativa" Process

 jill here...We spied a wonderful new fabric collection designed by Jane Dixon.  It's an Andover fabric named "Primitiva" and Andover was gracious to send us some.  This contemporary floral is one of our favorite color schemes: a tetradic ( four colors that form a rectangle on the color wheel) in orange, fuschia, lime green and periwinkle blue.  It's particularly pleasing because its on a great taupe background with some pops of white.  In addition to the floral, there are many fun accompaniments in the collection.  Small scale geometrics, organic stripes, stylized leaves and zig zags all add to the fun.

So....We have plans to make a new Bowtie Pasta with a Twist.  Even more fun is the fact that the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild is having a retreat in a couple of weeks.  Samples (pre-cut, of course) are the perfect quilts (for us) to make in a social setting.  Not too much thinking and Marny and I have a great system to team sewing.  There will be some preliminary decisions to make.

1.  We plan to make the quilt in the kid size.  This size is easier to show and ship while still giving the viewer an accurate representation.

2.  The large scale floral is such a great pattern that we will use it in a larger proportion, specifically more often.  

3.  If you look at the above fabrics, you will notice that there are three of lighter value...the oranges.  One of these will be the accent.  We want it to pop, not blend,  so the top right circle print, as cute as it is,  will not work due to the pattern.  It is not enough different from the large scale floral.

4.  We'll try some mock ups before we make our final decisions.

5.  Lesson: If you're not certain which fabrics will work best, buy more.  You can always use them in a creative backing!

Stay tuned. We'll take pictures and report back as to the design process.  If you have any comments on process, we'd love to hear them.  Sometimes it's lonely on this side of the blog.

Till  next Tuesday....

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  1. Of course, that orange circle print is the one I'm most drawn to but I think you are right that it is too close to the large floral. Maybe the lightest orange will work. Mock ups are a good idea!


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