Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Road Trip with Modern Quilt Relish Finds!

Marny here...We had lots of fun last Thursday.  We headed south to Des Moines to squeeze in a bit of quilt shop therapy along with the January meeting of the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild.

We found several fun surprises at The Quilt Block in West Des Moines.  Thank you very much!  We love to see samples!!

Here is our pattern, TV Dinners made up.  Notice they still have fabric if you are interested!

Here is one version of our Brioche & Baguette pattern, throw size

And here is another version of Brioche & Baguette, under construction.
It makes good use Sole by Valerie Wells.  If you are super observant you'll see they turned the center large rectangles a different direction to feature their particular fabric.
Our eyes lit up to see this fabric in person.  We'd admired it in a magazine,
but up close and in person it is wonderful!  Malka Dubrowsky is the designer.
Visit her blog here and read about the fabric selling out!  Hope Moda prints more.
The Quilt Block had quite a collection last Thursday!!  We might go back for more.
This weekend we have a Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild retreat---an evening and a day of uninterrupted sewing...what a luxury.  We look forward to getting to know our fellow Guild members better and to getting some samples sewn.

See you Tuesday... 


  1. So much fun to see your patterns in different fabrics.

    Love Malka's whole line, but those rectangles make me smile :)

  2. Love the yellow/gray fabrics!!! It is fun to see the different samples - and so close to home! Enjoy your sewing time!


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