Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monaluna Taali Makes Up Two Child Supper Club Modern Quilts

Marny here...
Hope all of your New Year's are off to good starts.  We are off and running because we completed two new quilt tops New Year's Day, but more on that a bit later.

One of the great perks of having Modern Quilt Relish is meeting interesting, creative people you've admired and establishing relationships with them.

I had ordered this incredibly cute Scooter fabric from Monaluna awhile back.  The owner's personal touch and attention to my order really struck me.scooters
It is Scooters from her Monaco collection.  I also ordered Circles and Double Dots in both Teal and Green.
circlesdoubledot tealdoubledot green
We actually got to meet the talented designer, Jennifer Moore, briefly at the Salt Lake Quilt Market.  Her vehicle was parked near ours as we attempted to load all our booth belongings into the car in a 40 mph wind.  It was rather comical.  We each had our challenges, but we all saw the humor in it.  It was such fun to meet a designer we'd admired up close and personal.  Yes, I still get a bit star struck.

In Houston we spent a bit of time in her Monaluna booth and fell in love with Taali.  (Along with all her fabrics I might add.)  We pounced on the idea of using the line in our Supper Club Pattern.  Jill approached Jennifer with the idea, and she kindly supplied her wonderful fabric.  So when Spring Market arrives in Kansas City, we each will have a sample for our booths!

The two quilt tops are ready to be quilted.  Supper Club works up very quickly in the child version using a single focus fabric in the large rectangle.  Here is cover of the Supper Club Pattern.

We will show you the completed projects when we get them back from April.  They are cute!!!

But here are my pictures of the Taali collection to satisfy your curiosity until that time.  Please visit Monaluna for more information about her fabric and we encourage you to order some for yourself.
Her fabrics are all 100% Organic cotton printed with AZO-free dyes.  The fabric itself is a medium weight poplin that is easy to sew and press and looks great in completed projects.

The fabric we chose as the focus fabric in the large rectangles of Supper Club.

So cute!  A medium value so great to use as the horizontal stripe in the pattern. 

Vertical stripe in a darker value.  Because it is a directional print we cut it out thoughtfully.

Fun stripe to be used as binding we think!  (also used on one back)

Dot we used as the background in our Supper Clubs and on a back in one.

Taali, Such a happy collection!
More on these quilts and Monaluna in later posts.
Till Tuesday.
Check out Jennifer's photos of Taali!
There are more pieces in the collection on her site.
hill and dalebah bah black sheeptreeschevrondotty


  1. I'm not usually a big animal print fan, but those sheep are darling! Can't wait to see the finished quilt :)

  2. The hill and dale print is too cute. And the scooter print is irresistible. Glad to see your photogenic kitty is guarding your stash! Thank you for sharing - I look forward to seeing the completed projects.


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