Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Color Palettes for Patterns

Marny here...Today Jill and I got to take four quilts made from our two upcoming patterns out to April West's for quilting.  This is always lots of fun for us.  April knows her stuff.  The three of us discuss quilting lines, thread color, scale, etc.  And then we leave.  We're filled with anticipation waiting to see the quilt tops come to life with her quilting!

But in the meantime, we can show some of the fabrics we used.

Twelve fat quarters of Robert Kaufman Kona Colors in a range of neutrals.  There should be eight different fabrics, and four get repeated.  I was rushing the setting sun though, and I might not have gotten the assortment just right.  But you can get the idea.  Notice there is a range of values and warm and cool tones.

More Kona Colors.  These are slightly "off key" golds.  I love how they make the quilt better.  Wait and see.  Again different values and in a way, warm and cool again.
Even more Kona Colors.  Clearly using dark to light values again and the fabrics are a long way from matching one another.  Are you keeping track?  Eighteen fat quarters for the top of a good sized throw, including the binding.
Now for the next size of the same pattern.  Wish we could share the name, but it doesn't have one yet.  

This fabric was used in the child size.  We've used it before in projects and love it.  I've included the selvedge edge in case it is still available.

Six solid fat quarters added into the mix.  They are organic solids from Clothworks and have a nice tight weave.  Notice some pastel some not, some light and some dark.  Variety makes a difference!
Can't wait to share the actual quilts with you!

Till Tuesday...

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