Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Modern Squares for Flatbread Tablerunner

jill here.... Sometimes color combinations inspire translation.  While shopping with my daughter in Nordstroms, I was exposed to not only styles I've grown out of but new color combinations !  I'm so excited to see a resurgence of navy.  With a pop of color, it's spectacular.

Our pattern "Flatbread"
creates the illusion of transparency.
The medium light citron intersects (or overlaps)
with the medium grey to form a third, darker value navy.
The snow background contrasts for a vary graphic interpretation.

Four colors (and values) are perfect for Flatbread.
From Kona cotton solids I chose :
Zucchini (I will call it citron),
Windsor (I will call it navy),
Medium grey and Snow.
The range of values is good but the light, dark and dull really sets off the citron.  The added bonus for graphic display is that they are all solids.

Another bonus is the solids display the quilting pattern,
which gives a very flat fabric depth and interest.
April added her touch with a pantograph called
"Modern Squares".

At rest in all this heat!

Stay cool.  'Till next Tuesday...


  1. I am constantly amazed at the way you interpret color. What a talent you have. Today's study in solids reminds me of the song fragment, "I can see clearly now....."

  2. I really like this combination! When I first started quilting, solids were considered a no-no. Glad to see that solids are OK again.

    This color combination takes me back to a favorite outfit I had in the 70s....a navy, green, and white print culotte (hope you know what I mean by culotte) dress.

    1. I know exactly what culottes were! We had to stitch the legs together so as not to promote "un-lady like postures". OMG, have we come a long way! jill

    2. There really are only so many colors...guess it's time for a repeat! jill

  3. Love the color combo and the pattern. I must try some of this even though I've been trying to clear out the scrap bags...Must the reason I'm drawn to the clean lines of this pattern. Great work!

  4. Love this color combo! Hmmm - may need to add a shopping trip to my agenda :)


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