Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dorothy's Snappy Nine Patches

jill here....Marny and I are members of Quilters By Design, a group that was started from a week(s) of quilt camp in Chicago nearly 10 years ago.  We now meet annually for a retreat in the spring (and other times for some, depending on time and location).  The personnel and retreat accommodations of the Loretto Center in Wheaton, Illinois have been kind to us.  We have offered, in gratitude, a donation quilt for their annual auction. Preparations for next year's auction are in the works; we are assigned the nine patch block.  

The quilt's unifying factor is a collection of print fabrics:"Mendi" designed by Funquilts for Free Spirit.  Our charge is to add complementary solids or near solids to make these blocks.  Mary Beth, our very creative illustrator has graciously shared her rendition of Dorothy's nine patch version.

Dorothy is truly a character who adds much levity to our group.  It seems that most of her sewing and creations are given as gifts.  Her comments are known as "Dorothyisms".  Mary Beth and Dorothy have given us permission to share this recipe.  It's fun and allows one to produce many blocks quickly!

Nine inch strips cut into squares.

A variety of  colors in shot cottons were paired with the prints

Right sides together, each pair was sewn on two sides.

The square was sliced into thirds and matched up.

Once sewn, the seams were pressed open.

Squared up, right sides together, the opposite block was seamed
across the pieced ends.

Cut again into thirds, the middle strips were sewn to the
appropriate side of the blocks.

And in a snap, you have 2 blocks per combination! 

Dorothy, this is a good method to remember!  Many thanks!

On another note,  we received a message from our former co-worker Jan. She is now associated with the museums at Iowa State University and would like us to share information on a textiles event.  Sometimes we forget that we have a wonderful resource in our own back yard!  Looks like fun and fabric...what can be better!

'Till next Tuesday.....


  1. I love Dorothy's recipe! snap!

  2. This is THE way to construct 9-patches. Thank you for sharing. This is Mardy's preferred method, also.

  3. Love this technique!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. this is a fun technique -- I tried it with 3 inch squares and it works great! could I suggest you make Dorothy's directions into a PDF for easier printing?

    1. I'll check into the PDF version. Thanks for your comments, jill

    2. The PDF version now on post for 3/25/14. Thanks for the idea. Marny

  5. Replies
    1. Penny, If you're not a hand dyer, shot cottons are about the next best thing. Again, sometimes shopping is easier for some of us!


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