Tuesday, March 25, 2014

more Dorothy's Snappy 9 Patches

Marny here…following your requests, here is a link for a printable 2 page pdf of Directions for Dorothy's Snappy 9 Patches written and illustrated by Mary Beth.  We want to thank Mary Beth and Dorothy again for permitting us to share the clever illustrations and the timesaving technique.  Jill discussed the steps in more detail accompanied by pictures in the previous post.

More 9 Patches for the donation quilt.

Now two reminders.  First, described last post but a visual reminder here.

Sounds like fun!  
Next, we want to share an exciting event our Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild has to offer.  Here is a link to the guild site post.  We are having a Trunk Show and Workshop with Amanda Jean Nyberg of Crazy Mom Quilts and author of Sunday Morning Quilts, April 11 & 12.  Check your calendars, check out the guild post and get yourself counted if you are interested.  

Till Tuesday…

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  1. Oh yes, this book is on my shopping list for when we go to Paducah for Quilt Week in late April. One of the fun things for me in the quilting process is that I keep accumulating more scraps to play with. Love your 9-patches (mania).


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