Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Chevron Triangle Process Continues

jill here....While Marny makes decisions on her chevron/triangles I explored the chevrons utilizing all quarter square triangles.  I didn't have the scraps so I started with squares in a "controlled scrappy" version.  If you start with a square, you will need to add 1.25" to the desired finished size for the seam allowences.  OR,  you can start with an easy square measurement ( 6.5" because my ruler was that wide) and I will take whatever size that generates!  This is an exploration, not perfection.  I cut the squares in four values.  2 dark patterns (total of 4 squares each), 2 medium patterns (4 of each), 2 medium-lights ( 4 of each) and 1 light valued background (8 squares).

I paired the 8 light backgrounds with 4 mediums and 4 medium lights.
I paired the 8 darks with the remaining mediums and medium lights.

Placing right sides together, I marked the squares diagonally and sewed 1/4" away from both sides of the mark.  Just like in Marny's tutorial, I chain stitched the blocks then cut on the line and pressed.

I placed the completed half square triangle blocks directly on top of the opposite values, always keeping the darkest value on top of the medium or medium light value.  That way the darkest value would  never be directly next to the lightest.  I marked the diagonal, crossing the seam line and chain sewed on both sides of the drawn line, cut on the line and pressed.

These are 2 of the blocks with mirror images of the four values.
On to their placement...

Okay, I admit it was not what I was looking for but there must be a way to create another type of chevron!

So I staggered the blocks and continued the mid-block stagger.  They are not sewn so look a little rough but the dark and light chevron emerges.  With a bit more planning, some secondary patterns might also emerge...So my next question:  how do I make it modern?  I have some ideas but I'd appreciate any input.

Love to hear from you.  Otherwise, 'till next Tuesday...

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