Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Barnyard Fabric Matching Game

Marny here…don't you just love the toddler stage when that little voice proudly gives you the sound each animal or vehicle makes?  I thought a set of images that brought out these sounds would be fun.  Amazingly I had the perfect fabric in my workroom.  Then it dawned on me that if they were pairs of images made into fabric "cards" they could become a matching game and then a memory game as skills were acquired.   
Starting with Free Range fabric from Monaluna.  Cute creatures and objects illustrate the entire alphabet in an overall print.   My matching game project calls for the barnyard animals, tractor and barn buildings.

This tractor stripe is fun for the back of the "cards". 

Lucky me, a supply of fusible fleece awaits on the shelf.

9'' wof strip of fusible fleece fused following the package directions to the back of the tractor fabric.

Pairs chosen and ready to be sewn. 

Rather than spending the time to cut the backing and fleece precisely to size the little image rectangles are pinned, right sides together with the backing fabric.  (The fused fleece is unseen, but against the table.)  Next, I cut crudely around the shapes.  They will be more precisely cut after stitching.

Stitch around, leaving an opening for turning. Then trim around the shape and cut off the corners as shown.

Turn right side out, pushing corners out carefully. Tuck in the edges of the opening and press.

Topstitch all around, close enough to the edge to stitch the opening closed. Perfection not required.  Just a hint, if your machine balks at sewing through the thicknesses just increase the stitch length one or two settings and see if that helps.  

One down, lots to go.
Wanna play?

Till Tuesday…


  1. Marny, that is an adorable project! So cute!! That Fisher-Price barn and silo were some of my favorite toys when I was a kid, and now my daughter Anabelle has the very same set (thanks to my mom for saving everything). I might have to make her a set of those cards!

    1. Thank you Jennifer! Your wonderful fabric was perfect for this project. (And in this case I am the grandmother who saved the whole farm set. The barn door mooing is maybe my favorite part.)

    2. You took the words out of my mouth, Jennifer... except that my mom didn't save mine. *tear* I do have a friend who saved it for her grandkids to use, so it's fun to see my daughter play with it. Takes me back. The fabric matching game is adorable!


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