Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Little Gift Boxes

jill here....I love Pinterest!  I found this cute little homemade gift box idea from a site:   If I could create a screen shot, I'd send that but I'm already behind.  You can go to Pinterest and search it for yourself. It's a cute tutorial.

At any rate, it was created with paint selection squares or whatever you call them.  I love those too!  It's really a fun way to see what color schemes are current and lots of other popular combinations someone can try.

They didn't have a five inch squares so I had to cut the larger one down to 4'' and the smaller one to 3".

I marked the backside 1'' in from all sides on the larger, 1/2'' from the sides of the smaller and folded. My edges were not a crisp as I would have liked but it was a test so I moved on.

 This is a view from the inside.  The directions have you cut a small amount out at the corners to allow for a better fold, not so much bulk.   The two loose ends, on each side, were taped with double sided tape to the sides of the box to form a bottom and a lid.

 This is the side view, standing on end, with the lid on.

 The box on top was my first try and the sides of the lid were too shallow (they were only 1/4'').

These are the two experimental boxes that would work great for that special little charm.  The lines that separate the values of color add an interesting element.  Even the printed names are fun.

This was another box the that was made from a heavy gift paper...not quite heavy enough but still cute.

Enjoy a beautiful almost fall day ....'till next Tuesday! 

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