Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Current Color Cues

jill here...Last week's project sent me on a hunt for "paint sample swatches".  My interior design background has led me there before, a lot like eye candy in a fabric store.  The paint companies do a  great job of presentation; ideas abound if you're looking for inspiration that can be translated easily into quilt colors! Or even paint for your walls, imagine that!

Valspar ads are prevalent  on TV.  In addition to the color presentation, the actual page layout contains elements that are a basis for good design.

Color print combinations set the palette.  Choosing the right proportion is another step.

This color scheme offers good advice on proportion using the interior design formula of 60/30/10.

This little folder gives you multiple possibilities and then allows you to choose and paste on the right hand side (good for those of us with indecision or a short memory).  Notice there are 3, 4 or 5 option groupings.  The one option that has five,  utilizes different values, not adding additional colors.

 This is the booklet that I really love.  It's Sherwin Williams' and I love their paint to boot!

 It labels the schemes and offers additions to the basic plan. In the above vignette, a variety of neutrals are displayed with an accent.  Notice that there is a light, medium and dark with a pop of color for the accent.  It's a formula for success.

And just when you think the complementary scheme of yellow/purple would not be current, they show just the right tones and proportions to make them a successful interior palette.  Have you heard the expression that a little yellow goes along way?  They have "neutralized" it with the purple and neutral values for a pleasing balance.

Undertones of colors can make all the difference.  These pages illustrate the differences between the warm and the cool.

So the next time you're looking for inspiration, check out the paint store. With the vast selection of solid fabrics available, a modern scheme is right at your fingertips!

'till next Tuesday (we're beginning to sound like Mr Rogers!)....

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  1. It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood because of all the color options you gave us today.


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