Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Looking ahead for Modern Quilt Relish

Marny here…
January signifies both completion and potential to me.
Where have I been? Where am I going?
The same is true for Modern Quilt Relish.
Jill and I have some exciting ideas for our business in 2015. 

We're examining the breadth of possibilities seen all around us.

We have to learn a few new skills and invest some time to bring about positive change for our business.
I wish it was as simple as learning to snowshoe!

We will plan to enjoy the scenery along the way; gathering input from our readers and a few of our mentors.

2015 will be an exciting year! Not only will we have our book released by Stash, C&T Publishing in September, we're also planning more speaking engagements, teaching sessions and unique opportunities for our customers! 

Share our journey with us…
till Tuesday…

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  1. Eager to see what's ahead! And hoping one or both of you might be able to get to Chicago in March.


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