Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Taffy Twist Again

jill here...reminds of a song from my adolescence!

I stopped by Sioux City at Heart and Hand Dry Goods last week.  Ann has a wonderful quilt shop filled with great fabric and a good selection of our patterns.  I offered  to make a new sample for her shop and spied this cute collection.  Taffy Twists is a great pattern for graphic prints or solids  in various combinations; could even be easily adapted for just two twist fabrics and a background.

This rendition utilizes four prints and a staple background from Moda's "basicgrey"(it's cream colored with  a slight white overlay to add a sparkle).

The collection is "Walkabout" by Beth Studley for Makower.  I love the different scales of prints and the grey with the orange.

The intersections are a bit more challenging to piece but really fun to see how they come together with the strip sets.  You like a little challenge, don't you? All the negative space gives the twists lots of focus so in no time, the quilt top is satisfying and complete.

The oranges give the graphic read an exciting contrast!

Quilting will add a level of depth and texture.  Check back later !

"Till next Tuesday...

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