Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Elliot's Quilt

jill here...Perhaps you heard me scream as I was ripping but I was bound and determined to complete this quilt from start to finish (sounds like a toddler who shouts "me do it")!  It's for my newest grandson, Elliot. So the mega quilter was dusted off and cleaned up to quilt two baby quilts.  The first version went extremely well which is always a sign that there would be trouble ahead.  And then the bobbin tension went haywire!  It took several attempted runs, lots of trouble shooting (and ripping) to get it corrected.  Finally the bobbin screw was tightened for a satisfactory finish.

Sweet baby Pie in shades of grey and oranges.

This was the starting focus fabric.
 Bugs, birds, squirrels, snakes and butterflies!

The back with another story to tell using the scraps.
The label was ready to be signed and sewn to the back.

Loops alternating with rectangular shapes holds this baby together.

Home at last to keep Baby Elliot warm this Minnesota winter.
The baby's brother said "Wow"!  

'till next Tuesday....

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  1. Hi Jill,
    This quilt is not only for babies. I would also love that quilt (perhaps a bit bigger) for me. It is wonderful. Thank you for showing, Martina


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