Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Studio Craziness

jill here...Well there's no time to sew when you should be cleaning. ... and no time to clean when you should be sewing.  I was stuck on a design dilemma so decided to take I care of my surrounding mess.  After I posted about Lynn Harris' book on Every Last Scrap I felt guilty, wasteful and totally disorganized.  I pulled out all my scraps and old projects and started the process of ironing and sorting according to color.

I forced myself to look at every last piece and make a decision.
If it was too too small it made the trash.

These are the preliminary stacks of colors.

These are bagged leftovers from projects!

I even found some things that had been missing and a whole sheet of stamps
(now that's $ in the bank)!

Larger portions were stacked in some semblance of order.

Batting was labeled according to size  (pinned on a post it note).

Bins filled according to working priority. 

Many unfinished (leftover) blocks were discovered waiting for a  plan.
I'm going to make them functional in the near future (check with me on that)!

Donations ready to go!
Inspiration strikes at unusual times.  Sometimes you have to move on it.
'Til next Tuesday...


  1. AwesomE! I waited too long to do what you're doing so hubby got into my stash. Let's just say i have a Lot Less Stash now!

  2. can you come over to my place? I will make you some gumbo and mach choux.......

  3. You could take your leftover blocks and put them in a sampler type quilt and donate it. Many charities take quilts of various sizes.

  4. Somebody will get really lucky getting your scraps! Wish I were there I'd help ya, LOL

  5. this is funny. I started on Saturday and this is tuesday and i am still sorting
    I really like how you put scrapes in bags. I have a big box so now i know to iron and put in bags. thanks
    and I also have sample block and an going to take note of what someone said and put them together in a quilt. many difference colors but could really be special for someone.

  6. Every Last Piece: 12 Beautiful Design Inspirations Using Scraps, Strings and Applique by Lynn Harris. I'm purging and organizing too.


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