Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Quilt Process

Marny here...designing a quilt is (sometimes) as frustrating as it is rewarding! Lots of process, little progress. It isn't always easy to take the 'c' from process and change it to 'gr' in progress! Although 'grrr' is definitely part of the process!

There are photos below of several baby steps in a the design process.
Here are the parameters I am working with:
  • Three color print fabrics (Different values)
  • Two neutrals, a gray with white dots and a white with gray stitches. I am also willing to use a solid white. (Three values)
  • limited quantities of these fabrics, and some are already cut so not as much design flexibility as usual
  • half square triangles
Dark column next to medium column. Hmm.

Darker 'arrow' and lighter 'arrow' with sets of prints

Same arrows with prints placed randomly
Using the 'arrows' to create a box, with interior and exterior spaces

Dark interior
Prints and neutrals making flying geese

Arrows down
Arrows to the left

to the right
pointing up

Every step points in a new direction (sorry, couldn't resist the pun) and the process goes on and on. 

It is time to step back, and ask how to make it fresh and/or unexpected? How should I use the tools of color and value and scale to help the design? I think I am getting closer...progress ahead.

Till Tuesday...

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