Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Annual Holiday Sewing Party 2015

jill here...The holiday season seems to roll around faster every year.  Now that I've hosted this annual event for 15 years, the challenge to sew something fun, usable and EASY is my greatest challenge!

This year I chose the infinity scarf.  It's pretty much straight line sewing with a twist.  I precut the fabrics and we were able to take turns using one sewing machine. We still had plenty of time to chat and enjoy lunch after we were finished.

This is one of the finished scarfs; its a herringbone wool blend combined with a solid colored flannel.  I offered several fabric choices so that each participant could make theirs to their liking.

The pattern is available on Pink Chalk Fabrics as a  free download.


Hard at work, Leona and Marny pinned the ends together after making the twist.


Five beauties in their scarves! Another fun memory. 
Enjoy the season.  'till next Tuesday....

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