Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Basking in Snow

jill here... It's a winter wonderland in Iowa.  The snow arrived right on time.  We hope your holidays were filled with special memories.

We have two Pinwheel Punch pillows recently published in the latest addition of Modern Patchwork.

What can you do but take a break?

Look for this latest edition of Modern Patchwork.
It's filled with great projects to keep you busy and warm.

Don't you love the boots?
Our thanks to American Made Brand (Clothworks) for the fabric;
these colors are their newest additions.
Under "hot picks" there is a really nice review of our book!

This "hot" version was quilted in a more traditional
style with the pinwheels overlaying the piecing
and repeated in the background.

The "cool" version is channel quilted 
diagonally from the center.

Hot or cold, hope your new year brings you lots of great quilts!  'till next Tuesday...

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