Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Confessions of a Material Mission

jill here...after Marny's post last week, I thought I would follow up with some value/transparency exploration.  We will have new samples for class inspiration so I started on an adventure.  What I think will work does not always. So I get a pit in my stomach and keep moving forward.  I refuse to give up, looking for the magic formula.  I will show you what didn't work so well on this quest.
I made some blocks for a maquette, not sewn so I could try different arrangements and fabrics.

The constraint was to use stripes at the intersections or overlaps of
a Crispy Wonton block (making a small project).
These are two different "stripes" in the same autumnal color way.

With the solids (green, gold and orange) as my base, 
I placed the modern "stripe"in what I believed to be the intersections or the overlaps.

I added the repeats of the orange and green to create more symmetry
but still a bit whacky and difficult to "read" as transparency.

I rotated the direction of some of the striped blocks so they all agreed.
It  involved some unsewing but easily fixable. Better

Decided that there were more interactions...
The value of the stipe seems too light to be believable.

Tried the other stripe but it was way too random unless I wanted to fussy cut.  Not.

Changed the value of the gold 
and added a regular stripe closer in value.

I'll keep trying to figure out the recipe.   I may have some value misplacement (imagine that)!  Maybe I need a cookie.  'till next Tuesday...

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