Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Des Moines Modern Quilt Group Challenge 2016

Marny here...the Des Moines Modern Quilt Group is having a challenge. It is due in a few weeks, but I won't be able to attend that meeting so sharing my process and (hopefully) the end product here in a series of blogposts will help me conquer the test!

We each received a fat eighth of each of these six solids. 
They are an interesting, and challenging, group! 
An idea worth trying kept reappearing in my head. It requires using the colors as inconsistent lines on a background interrupted by layers of prints. 
Hopefully I can make this idea clearer once the design is realized. 
The only rule is to make a quilted project using every fabric 
in some position, even if it is on the back.

A display of Cotton + Steel Fabrics caught my eye on a
trip to the local quilt shop (the Quilting Connection).

Melody Miller's Fruit Dots has the
intense coral and fushia pinks in the challenge.

Rashida Coleman-Hale's "Macrame" in the toned (dare I say) mauve 
is punctuated with the teal, pink and gold of the challenge.

Another of Rashida's fabrics includes accents 
of each of the challenge fabrics and more.

Testing how lines work against the prints and 
how the areas of prints might react to one another.

Here is the background. I love the lines and tiny dots, but it is directional. I'm still deciding if I'll cut it width or length of fabric. This is part of the P & B Textiles Bear Essentials 3 collection, but I couldn't find the creamy white colorway I'm using on their website.
And I just happen to have the perfect bit of wall waiting for a quilt!

Till Tuesday...

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  1. I like where you going conceptually. Can't wait to see the final.


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