Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Looking for Joy

jill here.... Not much sewing of late.  We're in the midst of a partial home update.  It started with popcorn ceilings, leaky roof repair,  two available married adults working together and twenty years of accumulation, kids grown and because we still can.  We look at it as doing our children a favor.  From here on out, they will have to decide what to keep and what to throw.

Piles of books, backpacks, artwork...
trust me, it's a mess !

We've purged and pitched, sorted and saved, edited and eradicated ...someone told me to ask yourself,  if the decision is difficult (on should it stay or should it go) "Does it bring you joy?" I'm looking for the joy!  Maybe less is more.

Here's the bathroom project.
Just like a quilt, the wallpaper is one strip at a time.
I'll keep you posted!  'till next Tuesday.....

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