Tuesday, April 12, 2016

DMMQG 2016 Challenge Part Two

Marny here...I have to admit this quilt challenge is going slowly for me. I posted previously about the very beginnings of my process.

I need to narrow in on three things: size, layout and fabrics to be used.
Here is a diagram working through three likely sizes for the finished quilt.
It is a little bit like Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
36" x 48" is too small and does not allow for enough negative space.
36" x 60" is too big a width to height ratio for the panels of print fabric.
36" x 54" is just right (for a starting point)! 

Now to start fiddling with layout and size of the print fabric panels on the proposed finished size diagram.  With some more fine tuning, I've decided 36" x 50" might be best. It seams to leave enough negative space at the top and bottom, and room enough for the panels. Now I can see the area where the three panels occupy the same vertical space. More overlap might be desirable for inserting the solid challenge fabrics. We'll see...

Simplest color scheme.
Using all the challenge fabrics on the front is not required.

The hot coral fabric added in.
All the challenge fabrics included. Cutting and testing is next!

Till Tuesday... 

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