Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Keepsake Quilters Guild

jill here...Yesterday we spent a fun afternoon and evening with the Keepsake Quilters Guild of Cedar Falls.  Our transparency workshop was successful!

Ladies on task.
Sue happily sewing .

Sue's four blocks, checking out possible arrangements.

A collage of "first" blocks completed.

Fabrics from a completed
quilt inspired this arrangement.
Who doesn't like a pink
and grey combination?

Shared fabric (from Delphine)
for the successful overlay.

Batiks work beautifully.

Soft golds and browns
make for a mellow blend.
 Delphine took a risk with a directional background
and created a true color transparency.

                       Black always adds a dramatic element.
Subtle textures create
some blending.

Taffy Twists
Tasty Measures

 During our break, we took a quick trip to the local Crazy to Quilt Shop.   Liz had several of our patterns as samples.  These were hung from the ceiling - how inventive !

Here's the group's "show and  tell".  Notice there were a couple of completions.
One had gone home at the break and started quilting.  What an inspiration!
Thanks, Keepsake Quilters for a great time.  'till next Tuesday....

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  1. So many possibilities from one block! thanks for the fun.


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