Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Piecemakers Quilt Guild Galesburg, IL

Marny here...reporting on another wonderful guild speaking and teaching engagement. This time we were off to Galesburg, Illinois to visit the Piecemakers Quilt Guild. Thursday night we spoke about Quilts du Jour, our design aesthetic, and some of the nuts and bolts of our buisiness. The guild members were an attentive and interactive audience. We really appreciate being asked to speak! Here is their website and here is their Facebook page.
Transparent alternatives of the Sushi Block, using our book Quilts du Jour.
Friday we held an all day Value and Color Transparency work shop. We loved our time with a special group of students. In the morning we focused on making transparency happen within the Sushi block.

Three values of blue. Light and medium intersect to make dark.
Again three values, of violet.
Here light intersects with dark to make a medium. 
Three values of blue on a floral background.
Here light "arms" intersect with a medium large rectangle to create a dark.
Here we see green in three values.
The large rectangle and the plaid intersection are pretty close in value.
The background is a dark green. The plaid forms the intersection, drawing upon the light and dark greens on either side.
Three values in an analogous color scheme, one of them being the stripe. Medium "arms" plus a light large rectangle create the dark (stripe) intersection.
Doesn't it look like the green is drawing across the blue?
(The picture doesn't do it justice.)
Dark brown background grounds the cheerful orange units. The dark red-orange "arms" cross the lighter orange rectangles. A higher contrast stripe of oranges and brown, plus aqua and yellow forms the intersection. 
This "stripe" is fun! It has a bit more teal and more of an analogous navy background than is reflected in this photo.
I love that the layout of the blocks reiterates the line in the stripe itself!
So hard to tell in this picture, but the background is a light butter yellow that helps to make the stripe more believable.  The repetition of four blocks will be helpful too!

Making Lemonade from Sushi (?)! Follow the light orange horizontal line through the darker rectangles. Their intersection is the medium print. Great monochromatic transparency achieved!

Thanks again to the Piecemakers Quilt Guild and to our students!

Till Tuesday...

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