Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Paint Chip Challenge

jill here.....As a new member of the Ames Quilt Guild, I decided to partake in the paint chip challenge.  I drew three colors (without looking) from a paper bag.  Actually I like all the colors so I was excited to create.  My inspiration is the artist Annie Albers.  Although most of her works were woven, I love her graphic, simplistic approach.

Aqua Mist, Nice Berry and Green Tea Leaves.

These are my fabric choices with tints added.
The "Green Tea Leaves" lacks impact and
acts more like a neutral, which is fine.

Following the rules, white can be added.
The navy is my one optional color.
The size of the quilt cannot exceed 24" in any direction; this constraint is very attractive as it's very achievable.  I decided on 16" x 24" (I like this proportion) so the "blocks will finish 4"... easy math
(4 x 6 for a total of 24)! The 1" finished strips seem appropriate for the finished size.

I prepared  1 1/2" strips (2 fabrics, 4 strips) sewn into twelve sets, 22" wide.
I always like odd numbers but sewing the sets
 with four strips allows for more flexibility in the design process.
Some strips have more contrast, some are closer in value.
I'll use more aqua. The berry color is bold so a little less might do the trick.  The dull green will provide a nice contrast, the white will brighten and the navy will add the depth.

Colors sewn together....
This challenge was so much fun.  It has to be completed (quilted and bound) by the September meeting.  I'll keep you posted!  'Till next ...Tuesday


  1. When and where is the Ames guild meeting?

    1. Emily, I updated the post with a link to the website of the Ames Quilt Guild. There are a couple of us who are really interested in more modern so it would be great to have you check it out! jill

  2. Emily and other interested quilters: The Ames Quilt Guild meets the fourth Thursday of each month at the Collegiate Presbyterian Church basement, 159 Sheldon Ave, Ames. I've linked the website above so you can check it out! jill


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