Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Penny's Journey

jill here...We first met Penny at a 2005 quilt camp.  It was a somewhat emotional week as we discovered Penny's story;  her son had died the year before and she had chosen quilting as her medium of expression.  One of her first quilts is the one pictured to the lower right titled Loss.
This is the card/invitation for the exhibit. The opening reception also included a beautiful piano recital by Penny's husband David Amor.

Over the past twelve years Penny has created a series of quilts and banners that reflects her feelings of loss.  Her personal story is best told by her.  If you are close to Galesburg, the exhibit will be open at The Box, 306 E Simmons St. 12-5pm thru this Friday.  It's a very moving experience.

This is the front side of suspended
Self-Portrait, Year 2: Beneath theSurface
This is the back side of the quilt.
This quilt was shown at Quiltcon in 2015.   Why Quilts Matter and While She Naps  have discussed it's impact.


The above banners were two different expressions with the same focus.  The colors, design and script were carefully chosen for the message they carry.

Jeremy's Log Cabin, started before the accident 
and completed after his death.

One of the exhibit walls that displays Loss, Shelter and Regret.

Penny's maquettes displaying her process.
Studies for Loss and Regret

Hand dyed fabrics stretched on canvas stretchers.
Penny's most recent study of Stones.

 I have a great deal of admiration for Penny and her work.  Her quilting clearly aligns with her profession as a scholar.  She takes process, education, research, trial and practice very seriously. With her emotions as her focus, her message is apparent. She is very willing to seek out opinions and feedback from many different levels: her husband, art and quilting educators, friends and group members.  You can read more about her designs on her blog.

The Quilters by Design that was formed from a couple years of quilt camp has remained a group.  Some of us who live in closer proximity meet a couple of times a year for support and critique.  Some of us make the Chicago retreat only once a year.  We all have different tastes and references but the bond is strong.  It's been amazing to view Penny's journey and share a part of it.

'Till next Tuesday....

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