Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Picnic, Beth's Sampler of Our Six Modern Blocks

Marny here...we received an image from Beth K of her stunning version of our sampler quilt. Our book, Picnic, details a progression through six modern blocks that make up the sampler quilt. There are 13 additional projects.  Fun approach to design lessons throughout.  Scroll down in the Pattern Shop to see photos of the front and back cover.

This is what Beth had to say in her first email. "I love your quilt designs" and they have "helped me venture into modern quilts.  Here is my version of you Picnic quilt. I loved your colors so I chose similar ones." Yipee, it gives us cause to celebrate!!
Beth's Picnic quilt. Wow!
Her blocks are wonderful, she mastered all the techniques,
and take a look at her quilting! We requested April keep our Picnic's quilting simple so that the blocks would dominate. Beth had no such constraints placed on her.

She "was trying to make the most of one of Pam Clarke's last classes
to teach before she retired on how to quilt modern quilts".
I'd say Beth totally nailed the class she took at the
Home Machine Quilting Show in Salt Lake City in May.

Enjoy examining how she approached the quilt over all and block by block.
Dip Bowls block

Season to Taste block
Tailgate block
Chips and Salsa (and a great example of transparency!!!!)
Deli Tray block
Condiments block
Take a good look at all the quilting techniques and patterns! Again Wow Beth! 

Thank you for letting us share!
Till Tuesday...happy August!

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