Thursday, December 23, 2010

2008 Pillowcase Prestidigitation

Marny here...2008 brought slight of hand on the sewing machine.  To produce this pillowcase you make an unlikely roll of body, accent piping and cuff, sew a seam, and then pull the whole thing through the tube you've created.  Magically you have a pillowcase!  It is a wonderful technique and the pattern is free with a pillowcase kit purchase at the The Quilting Connection in Ames, Iowa.

If memory serves, we chose our fabrics ahead of time.  It was just a matter of cutting large, simple pieces, making a few seams, and pressing.  This project makes a perfect gift for young or old.  Several of us went on to make multiples.  Again, we had lots of fun and a feeling of success.
We know Grandmothers that make one for every holiday for their grandchildren.  (or even every month) The kids request them even as the go off to college!  And now we all know how to make them thanks to the sewing party.  Very handy...

again tomorrow,

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