Sunday, December 19, 2010

Full Body Apron, 2005

Apron, One of Martha Stewart's Designs

jill here....Back in the days before HGTV, I occasionally watched Martha Stewart.  She and someone famous made this full body apron, sort of like the kind my grandmother used to wear for her full day cooking experience.  At any rate, we chose yards and yards of fabric and made these reversible designs!  To be honest, they aren't very "body" attractive but they certainly do cover you up!  I went on line to find the free download and she has 79 options (probably better than this one).

The best part is they are gender neutral so you can hand over the cover to some other family member.  Hope your holiday kitchen is happy!

'till tomorrow.....

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  1. As I recall, these aprons were fun and easy to make and definitely adaptable for all body types. Would be a good choice for the pregnant chef--bright and cheery and well-designed to catch everything that lands on your middle during those final months. It is such fun reliving our many happy sewing/chatting/eating days through these posts--thanks for sharing the 12 days of Christmas.


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