Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Second Year Ambition

Friendship Star Table Runner

2000, jill here.....Perhaps I didn't mention that each guest made their own project, customized to their interior or gift choice.  So after the first year's success, I chose a more ambitious table runner, a Friendship Star.  It was amazing to teach non-quilters about not nipping off the star points! And, of course, some took it more seriously than others!

This was a party and one hates to be a task master.  It is the holidays after all.   Chatter is far more important!

I had to take breaks to check on the food so Marny stepped forward to keep the project rolling. We had machines upstairs and down with at least a couple of pressing stations.  It was mass chaos with the fun factor.  At the end of the afternoon, the guests left with a nearly finished runner (or left it for instructor finishing).  A little binding and we were good for another year.

  Until tomorrow....

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