Friday, December 24, 2010

2009 Not a Rocket Science Bag

Marny here...maybe you remember seeing this bag before.  We blogged and gave a tutorial here.  It really is a terrific project that Jill created.  This is the long/tall version.  The one illustrated in the tutorial and the blog post is somewhat shorter.

Some of you know we carried these bags full of lifesavers and blog handouts to advertise at Quilt Market in May.  Hopefully we can say hi here to some of the nice folks who checked out the blog following that  "gorilla marketing" attempt.  We appreciate your support right from the beginning.

Our sewing day started with Jill setting out her stash on her large cutting table.  Several color stories were stacked in pleasing piles.  Choosing multiple fabrics times eight individuals takes awhile.  The bag's construction is so straightforward we all blasted through to completion though.  The sewing group started a new tradition with this bag...division of labor.  Each station had an expert.  The bags came together quickly and were immediately found to be very useful.  It was a great project choice!

Year eleven and counting.

one more time tomorrow...

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